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Commercial-Window-Tinting-Brisbane Window Film has been found to be the most cost-effective protection from the Sun!

The installation of Smart Films solar control window film is a very cost-effective way to solve problems with heat, glare, fading and privacy without blocking your view. It is a simple, cost-effective way to increase your home’s comfort, energy-efficiency and overall appearance. Smart Films are made in the United States of America in a quality accredited  manufacturing facility (ISO 9001) and have a range of window films designed to provide a solution to very specific problems.

Smart Films:

  • UV Protection: block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays to reduce sun damage and offer fade protection for your furniture, drapes, carpets and more
  • Glare Protection: reduce annoying glare by blocking excessive light
  • Eliminate Excessive Heat: reduce excessive heat gain through your windows to provide increased comfort and energy savings
  • Improve Glass Safety: prevent injury from glass fragments due to crime, destructive weather and terrorism

Ryuganji Window Tinting is a leading supplier of Smart Films for residential and commercial buildings and for automotive applications – giving people who want only the best window film a cost effective alternative to the market leading brands. We supply Smart Films window film and we provide professional film installation and a friendly service by experienced film installers with a minimum 10 years in the industry. The modern family home is designed to allow sunlight in and reduce the inside- outside divide to create a more natural, and healthy, living environment for you and your family to live. However, along with life giving rays the sun also emits Ultraviolet (UV) light and excessive exposure can not only be very dangerous to you and your family, it will damage your belongings and treasured possessions. Smart Films window films will help protect the health of your family, and keep your home furnishings looking new for many years. Think of Smart Films window film as a “Sunscreen” for you home. Interior designers frequently recommend our window films to homeowners to create a softer lighting environment in the home – reducing annoying glare makes everything in your home easier to look at and enjoy [ Smart Films help reduce annoying glare by up to 94%] – and will provide fade protection. home-window-tinting-brisbane With Smart Films window films, it is welcome news that you can make your home a more comfortable place to be all year-round. Our films reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat that comes through windows by reflecting it away from your home. By reducing the heat, you will reduce your air-conditioning costs and have more money to do other things you want to do. Finally, experience the peace of mind that comes when you buy your window film backed by an impressive warranty and the good name of Smart Films.

Choose the Best Window Film for the Job

Many different grades (and colours) of window film are available to offer a solution to a variety of window problems. Find out more about the many different window film types at Wikipedia and also find out how to choose the best film for your job.

Smart Films is installed by the following Window Tinting Companies

Guardian Window Tinting in Brisbane  has an excellent reputation for high quality film installation. Suncool Window Tinting in Sydney is the pick of the tint shops in the harbour city and it is hard to go past Advanced Glass Tinting in Melbourne in the southern capital. Riverside Window Tinting in Adelaide has a reputation for good work and if you call 5 Stars Window Tinting in Perth you should be pleased with the job.

Smart Films in Australia

Ryuganji is the largest distributor of Smart Films in Australia. Smart Films is available through a number of on-line window film suppliers – just do a google search “price + smart films + film name” (eg “price Smart Films ClearView ICE 60” or “price Smart Films Ambiance 25) to find the lowest price retailer for that film.

On-line Film Suppliers – the lowest cost suppliers

With lower overheads that the traditional bricks and mortar tint shops, most of the online window film suppliers give customers a discount for measuring and quoting their own job equal to the sales commission that would have been paid to a sales rep. This not only allows customers to avoid taking time off work to meet with a sales rep, customers get the sales commission as a discount to significantly reduce the film cost.

The traditional small family owned tint shop cannot compete against the on-line film suppliers’ business model and many tint shop owners have aligned themselves with one or more of the online suppliers to offer customers a film installation service. Competition between film installers has led to the online film suppliers appointing “approved installers” and these “approved installers” compete for the available installation work – many film installers now offer their own discount to customers as an incentive to select them at the on-line suppliers checkout.

Discount Coupons

In addition to the above companies, the following film installers also offer customers discount coupons. The discount code to be used to claim the discount at the film suppliers on-line checkout is shown on each company’s website.

Brisbane – Atlanta Street Window Tinting, Atlanta Street, Manly QLD 4179

Melbourne – Dallas Window Tinting, Dallas VIC 3047




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