Suzuki Ryuganji established Ryuganji Window Tinting in 2000 and the company quickly become an industry leader in both quality of service and in market size. However, the very successful strategy that Suzi used to grow the company in the early years left the company floundering by the end of the decade. Digital disruption – the monumental market changes brought about by the internet – left Ryuganji, like many small service businesses, finding it increasingly hard to compete against the high volume and low cost online competitors. Today Ryuganji focus is on customer service and he provides a film installation service to the customers of the online film suppliers.

Ryuganji Window Tinting can install solar window films, decorative and frosted films, safety, security and anti-graffiti films as well as installing digital prints and vinyl signs.

Ryuganji Window Tinting recommends Smart Films high performance solar control window tinting films to protect against fading and the deterioration of interiors caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Suzi recommends Smart  Films simply because they have proven to be unmatched in quality.