Safety and Security Films

Fragment retention film was credited for saving many lives during the September 2001 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. In the event of a nearby explosion, a building’s Achilles heel is typically its glazed surfaces. Shattered into razor sharp fragments and propelled at high speeds, window and door glass can cause severe personal injury. In addition, shattered glazing allows blast over-pressure to enter the building. This, too, poses a serious threat to the safety of those inside and outside.

Extensive testing has proven that the threat of injury due to flying glass can be greatly reduced by the use of Safety and Security Window Films. These tough, transparent, blast-resistant films consist of multiple, micro-thin polyester layers that work to hold shattered glazing together. Consequently, there are fewer fragments and debris capable of inflicting harm.

Safety and Security Window Films blast-resistant fragment retention film greatly enhances the protective capability of glass in a very unobtrusive manner. These thin, pliable fragment retention films can be applied quickly and easily to the glass surfaces of existing windows. Over the course of many years, they maintain a high level of optical clarity, even during extreme conditions.

The performance of fragment retention film can be enhanced through the use of an attachment system. An attachment system helps to prevent the entire glass pane from being blown out of the window frame. The Ultraflex attachment system is a structural silicone that bonds the fragment retention film to the glass to the frame.

Safety and Security Window Film is a tough, transparent, polyester layer that works to hold shattered glass in place. Consequently, potential burglars are deterred from attempting access through a window that is difficult to break. Clear Safety and Security Window Films fragment retention films are the perfect solution to a retailer or homeowner seeking protection without sacrificing visibility.

Safety and Security Window Films fragment retention films are maintenance-free, vary in thickness (from 2 mils to 14 mils*), and provide some of the energy benefits associated with Sun Control Window Films.

Common generic names for Safety and Security Window Films include: fragment retention film; anti-terrorism film; blast-resistant film; safety film; security film; safety and security film; mylar film, blast curtain film; glass protection film, and shatter-resistant film.